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American Businesses for Clean Energy (ABCE)

We are passionate about sustainable infrastructure for various communities and preserving the planet for the coming generation.

We constantly devise various solutions to meet the environmental challenges across various communities. We are concerned about creating access to safer technologies to reduce the use of fossil fuels and other unclean energy sources.

If you’re looking to get updates about practical solutions to environmental issues, we are the right place to check. Our platform offers all you need to know about sustainability and innovative energy solutions.


We came into existence a long time ago owing to the need to fill certain gaps in society to ensure that businesses can work more and become better at what they do.


When you think about the importance of the earth, sustainability is what comes to mind. This term has become relevant across the world to sustain the earth for the coming generation.


To get the planet to where it should be, there’s a need to foster quality innovation, which is the major driver of the best solutions. We understand the importance of innovation to growth and development, and this is why we incorporate innovation into all we do.

Corporate Governance

We have a tax policy that stipulates the appropriate course of action required to manage all task risk properly and adequately.


Currently, ABCE partners with various companies and organisations to promote beneficial causes such as female empowerment, sports, and climate change.


At ABCE, we are focused on how to meet the energy needs of the present generation without destroying the chances of future generations meeting their energy needs.


One of the ways we uphold our purposes of sustainability and innovation is through the provision of transportation in sustainable and innovative ways.


The most abundant compound on planet earth is water. This must be because it is a component essential to life. Under normal conditions, water is found in liquid form. This makes it capable of serving many different purposes.


Distinctively, human beings are arranged in stable institutions where they live and interact with one another. This arrangement lay the background to a concept called social structure. A neighbour to the social structure is another concept.


Due to the unprecedented and rapid growth expected to stretch into the next few decades, services that cater to social care and those that provide important infrastructural facilities are under immense pressure.

Aerial view to the Beautiful cityscape city Kiev with a Dnepr river in sunny day.
Couple in Real-Estate Agency Talking to Real Estate Agent

Real Estate

Real estate basically includes the land, buildings, property and air rights people have when above the ground and the underground rights they possess in case they find themselves below the surface of the earth. The term real estate basically implies physical or real property.


Managing your finance and budgeting towards your car is important. You’ll need to give relevance to financial management for you to successfully make smart financial choices. An effective way to do this is to budget based on your needs.

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