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ABCE Continues To Lead In Renewable Energy

Sustainability is focused on how to enjoy the present without destroying the chances of future generations enjoying the same opportunities. At ABCE, we are focused on how to meet the energy needs of the present generation without destroying the chances of future generations meeting their energy needs. To do this, we help to generate reliable and affordable clean energy to power the world.
Our reach expands across the world, and we have helped install over 10,400 MW of power in 16 countries across five continents. This includes clean energy in many technologies such as wind, solar thermal, solar PV, hydro and biomass.
With over 30 years of experience in the renewable energy sector, ABCE has been built into the world’s largest 100% clean energy company. This has kept us at the top of Energy Intelligence’s Top 100 Green utilities for five straight years. To achieve this, we use sophisticated technologies to provide reliable and efficient solutions to energy problems worldwide.
We provide 100% renewable electricity for entities through bilateral contracts with customers, who are primarily large corporations that want to reduce their carbon footprint.

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Wind Power

Wind power is a clean and inexhaustible renewable energy source, which is why we have invested heavily in the sector and promote its use. ABCE has developed over 7,977 MW of wind power across the world, all in an effort to combat global warming.

In wind technology, we have developed a sophisticated wind turbine-generator technology which successfully merged with German company Nordex in 2016 to become a global leader in turbine manufacturing. Currently owning the largest amount of shares in Nordex, ABCE has cemented its position in the wind energy value chain.

In Australia, ABCE has installed a total wind capacity of 435 MW, and its current wind farm in Mortlake, Victoria, is expected to bring the number to 592 MW. These five wind farms can generate enough clean energy to power 416,000 homes in Australia. Apart from our efforts in Australia, ABCE also develops energy projects across the world, and they are designed to promote sustainable use of the environment.

Australia is gradually transforming into a low carbon economy with our clean energy projects while meeting renewable energy targets. This also creates more jobs for the future and generates economic benefits to the communities where we operate. All are geared towards achieving SDG 7: access to affordable and clean energy.

California Renewable Energy
Aerial view on the solar panel. Technologies of renewable energy sources. View from air.

Our Recent Projects in the Energy Sector Include:

The Mortlake South Wind Farm installation, which is our 18th wind turbine generator, has reached halfway and is set to reach completion soon.

ABCE joined other companies in signing the climate pledge geared towards achieving carbon neutrality by 2040.

We have developed a novel project, GreenH2chain, a platform that seeks to guarantee the renewable origin of green hydrogen.

As a company committed to developing clean and renewable energy while promoting its awareness among people, we are also committed to solving socio-economic issues along the way. Our company is always welcoming to experts in our fields of interest, and our purposes are planned to be achieved to the benefit of all.

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