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Building Roads to A Sustainable Future

One of the ways we uphold our purposes of sustainability and innovation is through the provision of transportation in sustainable and innovative ways. Our experts work on building interconnected cities by constructing transport infrastructures to connect cities together and build a more cohesive world.

Some of the problems we seek to solve with our advanced transport mechanisms are congestion, lack of accessibility, among other transport problems faced in cities around the world.

As statistics project that about 70% of the population live in cities, governments need to embark on transport infrastructure projects to ensure that these cities are liveable and in conducive states that are fit for the people living in them. Having functional and adequate transport infrastructure is necessary for achieving these purposes.

Over the years, ABCE has cemented its reputation as one of the top providers of transport infrastructure services geared towards a more sustainable future. Using safe and reliable methods to design transport networks, our projects are carefully planned and executed with the utmost regard for the environments and the people that live in them.

Transport as a means to a sustainable world serves multiple purposes at the same time. The first is the most obvious: it facilitates mobility and easy movement from one place to another.

Doing this provides access to goods and services from other environments, including towns and other rural areas. Businesses in cities also get to enjoy patronage from people living in other places as there is a smooth and reliable way to get to one place from the other.

One of the reasons for building transport facilities to improve interconnectivity is that cities interconnected to one another are believed to bring out a safer and more sustainable community.

ABCE does not just deal with roads; we also offer sustainable solutions in other transportation fields such as bridge engineering, special transport structure, tunnels, ports, airports and so on.

Also, apart from contributing our expertise to transport services, we are also committed to developing telecommunications networks and data centres efficiently with low environmental impact. Every stage of the construction is attended to with care, skills and dedication.

We take pride in the successes recorded in our projects and have built over 450 km of road in Australia. Across the globe, we have constructed over 5,000 km of road in 25 countries. Our activities areas include roads (highways and freeways) that are resilient to the effects of global warming.

Due to ABC’s commitment to fighting climate change, we build “smart roads’ that are propelled by the concepts of innovation, sustainability and a circular economy. These smart roads are built with recycled surfaces, have low environmental impacts, and adapt to future needs.

Our recent transport sector activities include the construction of a 27 km high standard road running from Forest Highway near Australind to Bussell Highway on the south of Bunbury. There is also the WestConnex Tunnels and the Mortlake South Wind Farm’s wind turbine generator.

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