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American Businesses for Clean Energy

Initiatives We Support

ABCE Gives Back to the Society

At ABCE, we believe in giving back to society, and for this reason, there are several initiatives that we support, and we invest in them to facilitate their growth. Currently, ABCE partners with various companies and organisations to promote beneficial causes such as female empowerment, sports, and climate change. Here are some of the initiatives we support:
Feeling swell
Female leadership against climate change
ABCE 100% eco powered
Years of living dangerously

Australian Beach

Feeling Swell with Surfing Australia

ABCE has partnered with Surfing Australia on an initiative known as Feeling Swell, which is geared towards raising awareness of climate change and water pollution. The two organisations have come together to also promote diversity and encourage a healthy community.

All the activities sponsored by both organisations is to aid Surfing Australia to become an emission-free organisation while increasing the knowledge of climate change among people.

In addition to this, ABCE also hosts a series of events tailored to “Engineer Confidence” in women and girls of all ages. The programs are tailored to encourage girls and women to take up careers in STEM. With this objective, the workshops educate, inform and help develop skills in females.

For this initiative, Isabella Nichols, the 2020 World Surf League Women’s World Tour Rookie, is ABCE’s ambassador. Isabella is also an engineering student and has only great words to say about her partnership with ABCE.

Young man waiting for waves at surf location spot
Small child with amplifier on global strike for climate change

Female Leadership Against Climate Change with Homeward Bound

ABC’s partnership with Homeward Bound is focused on affirmative action. The partnership’s goal is to create an international network of 1,000 professional women working in different areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Medicine (STEM). The systematic induction of women into the program will help professionals from diverse STEM disciplines collaborate in projects that will help meet the goal within ten years.

So far, the initiative is about halfway through its goals, and one of its editions was to bring together 100 female scientists from 35 countries on the expedition to Antarctica. The event also coincides with the celebration of the bicentenary discovery of Antarctica.

The 4th edition of Homeward Bound, HB04, is an international female scientists’ leadership program designed to tackle climate change. The one-year program includes training workshops with expert mentors in leadership, communication, strategy and visibility. These mentors were handpicked and included Musimbi Kanyoro, the CEO and President of the Global Fund for Women; Christiana Figueres, the architect of the Paris Agreement; and primatologist Jane Goodall.

ABCE 100% Ecopowered

One of the goals of ABCE is to break boundaries after boundaries. This was the case when the company’s ABCE 100% Ecopowered defied odds and became the only zero-emissions vehicle to ever complete the Dakar rally. The revolutionary car runs on 100% clean energy with electric batteries. This initiative has been lauded to be a great contribution to sports and the planet.

Years of Living Dangerously with National Geographic

As a company that has always taken every opportunity to contribute to preserving the environment through awareness of climate change, ABCE partnered with National Geographic to launch the new episodes of the “Years of Living Dangerously” series. The series was launched in Canada, Chile, Mexico, Spain and Australia.

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