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American Businesses for Clean Energy


Real Estate

Property Ownership

The property owned by individuals ranges from the physical ones to the invisible. Real estate basically includes the land, buildings, property and air rights people have when above the ground and the underground rights they possess in case they find themselves below the surface of the earth. The term real estate implies physical or real property. And that forms the crux of our niche.
Globally, cities represent the epicentre of development, and expectedly, they host a quarter of humanity in a limited but ever-growing line. We help transform these cities into spaces that aid productivity and enhance wellbeing while recognising the need to promote social and economic development.
With the support we get from a wide range of services (complimentary), we are committed to developing real estate. This doesn’t shift our purpose, which is to design cities in the best sustainable pattern while in total harmony with the protection of environments.
Based on solid and global experience, we create real estate solutions made in the quest for management and promotion of real estate complexes. These solutions behold a sustainable digital future buttressed by applying technologies of the most advanced level and taking care to only make use of materials which regard planet earth.
New opportunities which aid business diversification are being created. This is concerning the increasing open up of the market for real estate non-residential assets such as hotels, industrial projects and offices.

Man holding light bulb with growing plant

Climate Friendly Housing

The company’s primary objective is to create real estate designs that – contribute to environmental conservation, are of reduced costs and are committed to (environmentally) friendly housing.

Moreover, home automation provides mechanisms like solar panels, which collect energy for households to do domestic chores such as heat water.

Also, in our real estate projects, we install systems that promote rational consumption of water through channels such as duo discharge tanks, drainpipes, shutoff valves in wet rooms, and aerator taps.

Recycling and environmentally friendly, bottle caps in card board box among plastic bottles
Ecological friendly and sustainable environment concept


Over the years, new concepts have evolved in the methods of an office building. We have formulated another modern concept of building offices that is technologically sophisticated and employs quality materials to finish.

Industrial Projects

Industrial projects are capital projects which include one building or more. These buildings may be in the form of structures, renovations, machinery and equipment—some on existing sites and some others on later acquired sites.

Either way, they must be suitable for proposing industrial, research, manufacturing, commercial or transportation enterprise.

We promote these industrial projects by inputting technologically advanced variations to the structural processes. This is in order to make them marketable for end-users to real estate investors.


Our real estate solutions have become extended, and now, they cover luxury property development in other countries of the world. Holiday resorts and hotels being the most basic ones – are supported by the concept of Home Resort. This means to cover the hospital services offered to guests intending to stay in a serene environment for longer periods.

We develop eco-efficient technology with solutions like home automation. In other words, we provide technological appliances which enable safe, efficient and comfortable energy management in homes.

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